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Using Git

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How to generate a SSH key

How to generate a SSH key


After you follow "how to generate a SSH key" make sure the keys are stored in .ssh when you use tortoise to clone a repository, please unclick the following


If you want to use putty key, please do the following A putty key can follow you anywhere without being saved in some .ssh

  1. . Open Puttygen in TortoiseGit (puttygen is another standalone program comes with tortoiseGit)
  2. . Load your private key id_rsa
  3. . Save private key into a .ppk format
  4. . Quit puttygen

Enter this .ppk key when clone a remote github. And it should work.

However, when it is not work, and git server tells you "remote hang up" check your tortoise git setting

Tortoisegit1.png Tortoisegit2.png

Make sure the path is the git.exe comes with tortoiseGit. In my case, it is set to a cygwin path which can cause remote to hang up.

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