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      <page pageid="19868" ns="0" title="Reference">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">There are some website can help you to know details about CRunit

* How to create an Eclipse plugin project
** [ Creating a Plug-in Project]

* Simple Eclipse plugin project(hello world)
** [ Simple plug-in example]

* Eclipse plugin framework about CRunit used
** [ Launching a program]
** [ Debugging a program]</rev>
      <page pageid="162" ns="0" title="ReleaseSteps">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">這篇內容僅適用於舊版(SubVersion + msys)

= 需要工具 =
* [ Cygwin]
* [ NSIS]
* [ 7-Zip]
* [[Sandbox]]

= Cygwin 需安裝的套件 =
* python
* git

= 釋出流程 =

* 為這個 release 建立一個 branch
* [[TalkStyle]] 以 Release 重編
* 確認 deploy/ 的 SANDBOX 變數是否有被註解,如果有的話將註解拿掉;若有定義此變數,則會發佈到 [[Sandbox]] 上。
* 開啟 [[Cygwin]],在 [[TalkStyle]] 目錄下執行 deploy/
* 修改 Data/config/updater.ini,將相關位址修改為
* 測試可否更新,並修改 Data/config/config.ini 及 Data/config/ftp.ini,將與 server 有關的設定修改為
* 如果發現問題,立即修正 (注意不要 commit 到 shasum.txt !)
* 當一切都沒問題後,merge 回 master
* 修改 deploy/,將 SANDBOX 註解掉
* 在 [[Cygwin]] 內再執行一次 deploy/
* 送交更新後的 shasum
* 建立 tag, 記得 gpg sign

== Release Steps ==

CA: please describe
* how you checkout the code?
* how to package resources in the release? give an overall structures.
* what kind of things should be done with your updater?</rev>